Frogvict Frog
Original Era Middle Ages (600 AD)
Element Water
Weapon Broadsword

Glenn, better known as Frog, is a character from Chrono Trigger. He wields a Broadsword, and uses his abilities as a frog in battle. His manner of speech is very archaic, much like the speech in the actual middle ages.


Glenn grew up with his friend and mentor, Cyrus as a child. Cyrus often had to rescue the weak Glenn from bullies. When Cyrus decided to join the army of Guardia as a Knight, Glenn thought about joining as well, but decided he was too weak. When Cyrus got orders from the King of Guardia to obtain the Hero's Medal from the Frog King, and obtain the legendary sword, the Masamune, Glenn went with him. Just before reaching the cave of the Masamune, they are attacked by Magus and his cronies. Cyrus is killed by Magus' wicked magic, and Glenn is turned into a Frog. Waking up, ashamed, Glenn escaped into the woods to live there and adopted the name Frog. Broken down, he gave the Hero's Medal to a boy named Tata in a bar. He vowed revenge for Cyrus' death.



Frog, from character art

In-game, he first appears in Guardia Castle, where he is the protective knight of Queen Leene. However, Queen Leene has gone missing, and he goes to Manoria Cathedral to investigate the matters. There, he stumbles upon Crono and Lucca. He goes together with them, and together they rescue Queen Leene from the evil beast Yakra, who had disguised himself as the Chancellor. Back at Guardia Castle, Frog claims he failed his duty to protect Queen Leene, and goes back to the woods. He is eventually found in a forest, but is still broken down about his failure. Crono recovers the Hero's Medal from Tata, and gives it to Frog. Frog still refuses to fight Magus, and reveals that the hilt of the Masamune is in his possession. Crono takes it, and climb the Denadoro Mountains to get the blade to the Masamune. However, it is broken, chipped, and old, and it is repaired by Lucca and Melchior with a special rock recovered from 65,000,000 bc. With the sword reforged, Frog finally sees his chance to take revenge on Magus with the holy Masamune, and decides to go with them. At Magus' Castle, Frog appears right before, seemingly, Magus tries to create a beast called Lavos. After the defeat of Magus, a huge time portal appears and sucks them into the prehistoric times. Frog realizes that Magus wasn't the one created Lavos, but was only summoning it to defeat it.

Later on, Frog arrives at a castle haunted by the ghost of Cyrus, and inside finds Cyrus' grave. Frog vows to destroy Magus, and the true power of the Masamune shows itself.

Old English?

In the North American version of Chrono Trigger translated by Ted Woosley, who was responsible for the North American production and localization of Squaresoft's role-playing games during the SNES era between 1991 and 1996, Frog/Glenn speaks in an Old English accent throughout the game. This is odd, however, because no one else in his time period speaks with any accent whatsoever. In the Japanese version he speaks with no accent either. It seems as though when the game was localized for North America, the translators must have decided that because he comes from the "Middle Ages" to make him speak Old English. Oddly enough they didn't go through and make all the NPC's and change their speech also, making Frog/Glenn the only Old English speaking character in Chrono Trigger! However, In the retranslation for the DS version, Frog's manner of speech is closer to modern, yet antiquated, English and no longer adopts the accent of the earlier versions.


Single Techs

  • Slurp - One ally recovers HP
  • Slurp Cut - Deals physical damage to one enemy
  • *Water - Deals water elemental damage to one enemy
  • *Heal - All allies recover HP
  • Leap Slash - Deals physical damage to one enemy
  • *Water 2 - Deals water elemental damage to all enemies
  • *Cure 2 - One ally completely recovers HP
  • Frog Squash - Deals damage to all enemies based on how much HP Frog has left. The damage increases as Frog's HP decreases.

Dual Techs

With Crono

  • X-Strike (Slurp Cut + Slash) - Deals physical damage to one enemy
  • Sword Stream (Water + Spincut) - Deals water elemental damage to one enemy
  • Spire (Leap Slash + Lightning) - Deals lightning elemental damage to one enemy

With Marle

  • Ice Water (Water + Ice) - Deals ice/water dual elemental damage to all enemies
  • Glacier (Water 2 + Ice 2) - Deals ice/water dual elemental damage to one enemy
  • Double Cure (Cure 2 + Cure 2) - All allies completely recover HP

With Lucca

  • Red Pin (Leap Slash + Fire)
  • Line Bomb (Leap Slash + Mega Bomb)
  • Frog Flare (Frog Squash + Flare)

With Robo

  • Blade Toss (Slurp Cut + Laser Spin)
  • Bubble Snap (Water + Robo Tackle)
  • Cure Wave (Cure 2 + Heal Beam)

With Ayla

  • Slurp Kiss (Slurp + Kiss) - All allies recover HP and status
  • Bubble Hit (Water + Rollo Kick)
  • Drop Kick (Leap Slash + Triple Kick)

Triple Techs

  • Arc Impulse (Leap Slash + Crono's Spincut + Marle's Ice 2) - Deals ice elemental damage to one enemy
  • Delta Storm (Water 2 + Crono's Lightning 2 + Lucca's Fire 2) - Deals fire/lightning/water 3-way elemental damage to all enemies
  • Triple Raid (Slurp Cut + Crono's Slash + Robo's Robo Tackle) - Deals physical damage to one enemy (Robo joins the X-Strike)
  • 3-D Attack (Slurp Cut + Crono's Slash + Ayla's Triple Kick) - Deals physical damage to one enemy (Ayla joins the X-Strike)
  • Spin Strike (Leap Slash + Robo's Robo Tackle + Ayla's Tail Spin) - You need a Silver Rock to use this
  • Grand Dream (Frog's Frog Squash + Marle's Life 2 + Robo's Laser Spin) - You need a Gold Rock to use this
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