• TheIkranRider

    Here are my OCs for my fics made for Square:


    Appearance: Trials of a King, Conquest of the Blue Planet

    Age: 23

    Birthplace: Tenebre

    Occupation: Former servant and Usurper of the Tenebrean tribe

    Subjects: Dragon Rose. Chief Abdullah, Dameon, Cecil Harvey

    As the name implies, his orders are either domination or death. He was once a loyal subject to Chief Abdullah until he grew agitated of his rule. During the events in the 2-part story, he secretly plotted to bring the tribe under his own bidding. His first step was using his mate, Dragon Rose, and they'd recently became comrades to the fallen Dark Knight, Dameon. His plan came into fruition as they took the warrior's words to heart: simply by dissuading the new king of Baron and make him as…

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  • TheIkranRider

    My Square Stories

    September 28, 2018 by TheIkranRider

    Hey guys, allow me to introduce the fics I've made for the various games made specifically by Square (whether it'd be Final Fantasy or even the Bouncer, you'll find them here):

    The Bouncer trilogy:

    These are fics made for the underrated beat'em up game in conjunction with Dragon Ball Z.

    The Mikado Saga

    During Sion Barzahd's first anniversary as Fate's new bouncer, Dominique Cross gets abducted by the Mikado corp. At that time, a young Z-Fighter named Ayame searches for the last Dragon Ball which happens to be at the damsel's possession. Her salvage mission will be a long one; will she be successful on retrieving it and Dominique from a vengeful tyrant, and save the world?

    The Drabble of Dog Street

    Sion shows Ayame around his home street and desc…

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  • CavaX


    February 21, 2017 by CavaX

    Hello im CavaX. I want to take in adopting this wiki. For the following reasons:

    • I have always liked the Square Enix games and especially Final Fantasy.
    • I have contributed so right on this wiki
    • I created new pages and I am committed to keep this wiki away from vandals.
    • I want to change the overall design of this wiki, but trust me because im not will destroy it.

    So it is for these reasons that I want to adopt it, thanks for your attention.For my adoption see here.Note: I put this news also in the forum.

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