Game: Chrono Trigger
Designed by: Akira Toriyama

Weapon(s): Katana
Era: Present (1000 AD
Element: Lightning

Crono is the main character in Chrono Trigger. Many suspect that his name was meant to be Chrono, but due to the five-character restriction of character's names, it was shortened to Crono. In the English version of the game, his magical type is Lightning; however, in the original Japanese his type was Heaven, the opposite of the shadow type, which may explain why many of his techniques are not all lightning-oriented, but also include many light-based spells and a few healing spells.

Despite being the game's protagonist, Crono never speaks in the game's dialogue, as it is the case in some RPG and video-games, with the notable exception occurring in one of the game's many endings.

Story & Background

Crono was raised in the village of Truce in the Guardia Kingdom and lives with his mother and his kitty. Crono was to meet his friend Lucca at the Millennial Fair. Along the way, he met Marle (who is actually Princess Nadia) and they both went to see Lucca's show. Lucca's invention reacted with Marle's pendant and sent Marle into the past. Crono decided to save her by going back as well. Crono found Marle in Guardia Castle in the year 600 A.D. where she was mistaken for the queen of the time period... but mysteriously vanishes. Lucca then found Crono and joined his party. They went to the cathedral where the real queen was. There, they met Frog and saved the real queen.


Artwork by Akira Toriyama

Marle reappeared at the castle and Frog decided to leave the party, so Crono, Marle and Lucca went back to 1000 A.D. There, Crono was accused of kidnapping Marle. Depending on the player's previous actions and how the questions are answered at the trial, Crono may be found either Guilty or Not Guilty. Regardless of the events of the trial, Crono will be sent to prison. (The only difference between being found Guilty or Not Guilty is that if you are found Not Guilty some "sympathizers" will give you an Ether.) Crono broke out of prison with the help of Lucca. Marle then left the royal castle and rejoined the party and they escaped using a time warp to 2300 A.D.

Later on in the game while confronting Lavos Crono sacrificed himself. The only way to get him back was to revive him using the Time Egg (or Chrono Trigger, hence the title) at Death Peak, going back in time, and replacing him at before the exact moment of his death, with a puppet clone, won at Norstein Bekkler's Lab.


An asterisk next to a Tech name indicates that the Tech is a Magic attack


  • Cyclone - Cyclone allows Crono to hit all enemies within a radius of the targetted enemy. It costs 2 MP.
  • Slash - Slash allows Crono to hit all enemies on a ray originating at Crono and along the path of a targetted enemy. It costs 2 MP.
  • *Lightning - Lightning deals lightning elemental damage to one enemy. It costs 2 MP.
  • Spincut - Spincut is just a physical with double power. It costs 4 MP.
  • *Lightning 2 - Lightning 2 deals lightning elemental damage to all enemies. It costs 8 MP.
  • *Life - Life revives a KO'd ally.
  • Confuse - Confuse deals four attacks in a row to an enemy.
  • *Luminaire - Luminaire deals massive lightning elemental damage to all enemies. It costs 20 MP.

Dual Techs

With Marle

  • Aura Whirl (Cyclone + Aura) - Aura Whirl restores a small amount of HP to all allies.
  • Ice Sword (Spincut + Ice) - Ice Sword deals ice elemental damage to one enemy.
  • Ice Sword 2

With Lucca

  • Fire Whirl (Cyclone + Flame Toss) - Fire Whirl allows Crono to hit all enemies within a radius of the targetted enemy.
  • Fire Sword
  • Fire Sword 2

With Frog

  • X-Strike (Slash + Slurp Cut) - X-Strike deals physical damage to one enemy.
  • Sword Stream (Spincut + Water)
  • Spire - (Lightning + Leap Slash)

With Robo

  • Rocket Roll (Cyclone + Laser Spin)
  • Max Cyclone (Spincut + Laser Spin)
  • Super Volt (Lightning 2 + Shock)

With Ayla

  • Drill Kick
  • Volt Bite
  • Falcon Hit

Triple Techs

  • Delta Force (Lightning 2 + Marle's Ice 2 + Lucca's Fire 2) - Delta Force does a Fire/Ice/Lightning 3-way elemental attack
  • Arc Impulse (Spincut + Marle's Ice 2 + Frog's Leap Slash) - Arc Impulse does ice elemental damage to one enemy
  • Lifeline (Cyclone + Marle's Life 2 + Robo's Laser Spin)
  • Final Kick (Lightning 2 + Marle's Ice 2 + Ayla's Triple Kick)
  • Delta Storm (Lightning 2 + Lucca's Fire 2 + Frog's Water 2)
  • Fire Zone (Spincut + Lucca's Fire 2 + Robo's Laser Spin)
  • Gatling Kick (Lightning 2 + Lucca's Fire 2 + Ayla's Triple Kick)
  • Triple Raid (Slash + Frog's Slurp Cut + Robo's Robo Tackle)
  • 3-D Attack (Slash + Frog's Slurp Cut + Ayla's Triple Kick)
  • Twister (Cyclone + Robo's Laser Spin + Ayla's Tailspin)
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