Daniel from PE

Daniel Dollis is a veteran detective with 20 years of experience and a long time colleague of Aya Brea. He is 42 years old and operates in the 17th Precinct of the NYPD police. He has a very one-minded nature towards his profession, making him sometimes gruff and disclosed to spending time with his family. It is because of this, that his wife, Lorraine divorces him nearly a year before the events of the game, leaving him with the custody of their son Ben Dollis.

During the events of Parasite Eve, Daniel serves as a supporting role for the Aya, giving her encouraging words of experience while he attempts to function with the terms of his divorce and the eventual death of his ex-wife. Prior to Aya's confrontation of the Ultimate Being, he nearly sacrifices himself in order to deliver special mitochondria-laced bullets to assist her in the battle. He also finally reconsiders the effects of his neglect of his family in place of his profession and is shown spending time with his son. In the events of the second game, he is presumed to be still working at the NYPD police district. Though he doesn't make an actual appearance, he's briefly mentioned by Aya as being a terrible cook, and is compared with Gary Douglas; Aya considered both men were "stubborn, but with a heart of gold".