Emma Klamsky

Emir Emma Klamsky is a USN researcher in the game Front Mission 3. Born in Ravnui, she was orphaned during an attack but saved by a USN wanzer. Extremely intelligent, Emir graduated college and began conducting research at the USN facility in Alaska. Her developments lead to the creation of MIDAS. Fearing that it will be used as a weapon, she accompanies the FAI's mission to recover it.

Emma learns that she is an Imaginary Number. The Klamskys were scientists who attempted to free her and her sister from Bal at the cost of their lives. Her long-lost sister is Alisa Takemura.

Depending on the scenario chosen, Emma may be a party member.

In Battle

As a party member, Emma starts with a Drake M2C wanzer and specializes in shoulder weapons.