Final Fantasy VI
Fainaru Fantajī VI

Developer(s): Square Co.
Publisher(s): Square Co., Ltd.
Release date(s): SNES
JP April 2, 1994
NA October 20, 1994
JP March 11, 1999
JPNovember 30, 2006
NA February 5, 2007
Genre: Role-playing game
Game modes: Single player
Ratings PlayStation:
USK: 12+
ELSPA: 11+
ESRB:Everyone 10+
Platform(s): SNES, PlayStation, GameBoy Advance

Director: Yoshinori Kitase & Hiroyuki Ito
Scenario writer:
Character designer: Yoshitaka Amano
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy VI is the sixth installment in the Final Fantasy series. The game's story focuses on a conflict between the Gestahlian Empire, a dictatorship slowly conquering the world, and the Returners, a rebel faction opposed to them. Set in a fantasy steampunk-styled world, the setting featured Espers, magical beings that are being used by both the Empire and Returners in their unending conflict.



There are sixteen player characters, each with their own backstory.

  • Terra Branford: an amnesiac lady being used as a weapon for the Empire.
  • Cyan Garamonde: a loyal knight of the kingdom of Doma
  • Locke Cole: a treasure hunter and rebel sympathizer
  • Edgar Roni Figaro: the king of Figaro
  • Sabin René Figaro: Edgar's brother who fled the royal court to hone his martial arts skills.
  • Celes Chere: a former general of the Empire
  • Setzer Gabbiani: a gambler and womanizer
  • Shadow: a high-priced ninja mercenary
  • Relm Arrowny: a young girl living under the care of her grandfather
  • Strago Magus: an elderly Blue Mage and heir to a long line of magical warriors.
  • Gau: a feral child surviving in the harsh wilderness of The Veldt
  • Mog: a talking Moogle from the mines of Narshe.
  • Umaro: a savage but loyal sasquatch
  • Gogo: a mysterious, fully shrouded master of the art of mimicry.

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