Final Fantasy X
Fainaru Fantajī X

Developer(s): Square Co., Ltd.
Publisher(s): Square Co., Ltd.
Release date(s): JP July 19, 2001
NA December 20, 2001
EU May 29, 2002
INT January 31, 2002
Genre: Role-playing game
Game modes: Single player
Ratings ESRB: T (Teen)
ELSPA: 11+
Platform(s): PlayStation 2

Producer: Yoshinori Kitase
Director: Motomu Toriyama
Scenario writer: Yoshinori Kitase
Character designer: Tetsuya Nomura
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy X is the tenth installment of the Final Fantasy series. Released in 2001, Final Fantasy X tells the story of a summoner who ventures to obtain the Final Summoning needed to defeat the malevolent being called Sin.



There are six playable characters in the game (sorted by appearance):

  • Yuna, the young summoner wanting to defeat Sin, alongside her guardians;
  • Tidus, a blitzball player,
  • Wakka, a nother bliztball player,
  • Lulu, a black magician,
  • Auron, once the guardian of Yuna's father who is also a summoner,
  • Rikku, an Al Bhed and Yuna's cousin,
  • Kimahri Ronso, a Ronso guardian.


Final Fantasy X is set in Spira, a world regulated by the Yevon doctrine which guides the summoners in defeating Sin.

Final Fantasy elements

  • Chocobo
Chocobo serves as land transport, and is also used in a mini-game called Chocobo Racing
  • Cid
This recurring character is Yuna's uncle, and leader of the Al Bhed.
  • Crystals
Exist as Spheres.
  • Gilgamesh
Afraid of Sin, thus he didn't show up, maybe.
  • Moogles
Reduced to magical dolls controlled by Lulu.
  • Summons
An integral part of the story.

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