Final Fantasy XII
Fainaru Fantajī XII

Developer(s): Square Enix
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Release date(s): JP March 16, 2006
NA October 31, 2006
EU February 23, 2007
AU August 9, 2007
Genre: Role-playing game
Game modes: Single player
Ratings ESRB: T (Teen)
ELSPA: 11+
Platform(s): PlayStation 2

Producer: Yasumi Matsuno
Director: Yasumi Matsuno
Scenario writer: Daisuke Watanabe
Character designer: Akihiko Yoshida
Composer(s): Hitoshi Sakimoto

Final Fantasy XII is the twelfth installment of the Final Fantasy series. Released in 2006, Final Fantasy XII tells the story of a kingdom caught between a war of two empires. The game is set in the world known as Ivalice, a world closely related to Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics.



There are six playable characters in the game (sorted by appearance):

  • Ashe - A Princess of the kingdom of Dalmasca
  • Basch - A loyal knight of Dalmasca falsely accused as a traitor
  • Vaan - A Dalmascan orphan who dreams of becoming a sky pirate
  • Penelo - An orphan and loyal friend to Vaan
  • Fran - A Viera sky pirate and Balthier's partner
  • Balthier - A famed sky pirate with Fran as his partner


Final Fantasy XII is set in Ivalice, where magic and airships are commonplace. A list of countries in Ivalice:

  • Archadia: an empire founded northeast of Dalmasca. Subjugated three nations, destroying one in the process.
  • Bhujerba: a sky city maintaining a neutral stance.
  • Dalmasca: a kingdom subjugated by Archadia, the central setting of the story.
  • Nabradia: a kingdom destroyed during the Archadian invasion.
  • Rozarria: an empire west of Dalmasca.

Final Fantasy elements

  • Chocobo
The Chocobo's role has been minimized to serve as a mere land transport. There are no sidequests related to the Chocobo.
  • Cid
This recurring character takes center stage, but not at the protagonists' side. This Cid, named Cidolfus Demen Bunansa, is a brilliant but mad scientist from Archadia. And he is Balthier's father.
  • Crystals
Exist as save points, also known as Magicite.
  • Gilgamesh
This dimension traveling swordsman has stumbled into Ivalice, intent on obtaining all the powerful swords of the world.
  • Moogles
A prominent race throughout Ivalice, wizards in machinery and engineering.
  • Summons
The names of traditional summons, such as Shiva and Bahamut, are given to airships in Final Fantasy XII. The summons in the game, called Espers, take their names from villains of previous games in the series, such as Chaos and Zodiark (Zodiac from Final Fantasy Tactics).

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