Kyle from PE2

A 29 year old man born in Texas who claims to be a P.I from Los Angeles and is initially shown as a man with mysterious motives, he is originally found by Aya in Dryfield hiding from the NMCs; however he later forms a team with her to fight the Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures produced by the Shadow government Neo Ark. Towards the end of the game is revealed that Kyle is in fact a U.S Government Special Agent who works directly with the President of the U.S; he played both sides (Neo Ark's and Aya's) to get information and act accordingly. He loses his leg from the concussion blast caused by the orbiting SDI Hypervelocity Railgun directed at the Pupa ANMC. After the events of Dryfield, he disappears, but meets later with Aya, and the new Eve, in New York City.