Magus Magus
Original Era Dark Ages (12,000 BC)
Element Shadow
Weapon Scythe

Magus, also known by his birth name Janus Zeal, is a main character and a boss from Chrono Trigger. He's a shy, lone wolf character who was born in Zeal and, because of a freak accident, traveled to a later era.



Artwork by Akira Toriyama


Janus grew up in Zeal during the Dark Ages. His only friends were his cat, Alfador, and his older sister, Schala Zeal. Many citizens didn't think he had any magic in him. Like Schala, he didn't agree with what his mother was doing with the Mammon Machine, and believed Lavos was dangerous. He often got angry at Schala for giving in to the Queen's demands, since she was the only one who could operate the Mammon Machine. He tried to get Zeal to stop, however, she wouldn't listen, and he eventually got sucked into a wormhole which transported him to the Middle Ages. Schala was able to escape, though she was gravely injured.

The King of the Mystics[]

A leader of the Mystic race, Ozzie, discovered the young Janus after he arrived in the Middle Ages and took him on as an apprentice. Ozzie christened him "Magus" and made him a God. Magus would eventually amass a huge army of Mystics and use it to attack the humans. Meanwhile, Magus himself wanted revenge against Lavos for destroying his lost home. He decided to summon Lavos to take him on personally. However, he had to manage the war as well. In 590 AD, Guardia, the largest human nation, sent their bravest knight, Cyrus, to defeat Magus. Cyrus took his apprentice, Glenn, with him. When they met Magus and Ozzie, Magus killed Cyrus and turned Glenn into a Frog.

Ten years later, Frog, along with his new allies Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo, went to Magus's Castle to fight him. Magus fought hard, and the fight ended in a draw when Lavos showed up, Crono and his friends mistakenly believed that Magus created Lavos, and Magus then explains what Lavos is. Crono's interference causes a huge time gate to open up and send everyone into the past.

Return home[]

By a stroke of luck, Magus returned to his home era. He disguised himself as a powerful prophet and began to work his way up Queen Zeal's ranks. Soon, Zeal made Magus her most trusted adviser, which made Dalton angry. Zeal never knew who Magus really was though because he was always hidden by his mask. When Crono's party arrived, Magus warned Zeal that they might be dangerous. Zeal made Crono's party fight a Golem, and imprisoned them inside the Mammoon Machine. Schala and the younger Janus decided to rescue Crono and his friends, but Magus said he could not allow that (nobody but Magus knew that he was actually an older Janus). Magus forced Schala to send Crono and his friends out of Zeal.

However, Crono and his friends found the Epoch, which allowed them to return to Zeal. By this time builders finished the Ocean Palace which was designed to hold the Mammoon Machine closer to Lavos. Using the Red Knife (which is actually the Masamune sword), Crono was able to interfere with the events that transpired if Crono wasn't there. Magus interfered as well, and revealed his true self when Lavos arrived. This time, however, Schala was not able to save herself because she had to send Crono's friends (Crono died attacking Lavos) and Magus to safety. Because of this, Lavos sucked Schala into the Tesseract and merged with her to become the Devouerer of Time.

Magus went to the North Cape, where he met Crono's friends. He explained that he was really Janus, and realized that there was no way to defeat Lavos. At this point, the player either has the option to fight him or not. If the player kills Magus, the curse Magus put on Frog will break. If not, Magus will join the player party. At this point, the Black Omen rises from the ocean (because of Crono's and his interference).


Single Techs[]

  • *Fire 2 - Deals fire elemental damage to all enemies. It costs 8 MP.
  • *Ice 2 - Deals ice elemental damage to all enemies. It costs 8 MP.
  • *Lightning 2 - Deals lightning elemental damage to all enemies. It costs 8 MP.
  • *Dark Bomb - Deals shadow elemental damage to all enemies in a specified radius from the targetted enemy. It costs 8 MP.
  • *Magic Wall - Reduces the damage a character takes from spells. It costs 8 MP.
  • *Dark Mist - Deals shadow elemental damage to all enemies. It costs 10 MP.
  • *Black Hole - Instantly kills all enemies within a certain radius of Magus. It costs 15 MP.
  • *Dark Matter - Deals shadow elemental damage to all enemies. It costs 20 MP.

Triple Techs[]

  • Dark Eternal (Dark Matter + Marle's Ice 2 + Lucca's Fire 2) - You need a Black Rock to use this
  • Omega Flare (Dark Bomb + Lucca's Flare + Robo's Laser Spin) - You need a Blue Rock to use this
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