A golem-type ANMC encountered by Aya Brea three times during the events of Parasite Eve II. No. 9 was previously a human who requested Neo Ark to transform him into a NMC, but unlike other test subjects, he paid the scientists to retain most of his human intelligence and memories. The transformation still leaves him slightly mad, however, evidenced by his insane laughter and actions.

No. 9 claims to be a "Hunter" like Aya for Neo Ark and uses a Gunblade (which can be gained by the player). He encounters Aya first in the Akropolis Tower, in which he is defeated and causes the tower to explode in a kamikaze attempt. He then engages Aya in the town of Dryfield, only to be combusted by Aya's awakening powers. His final attempt causes him to encounter Aya and Kyle Madigan as they traverse the Neo Ark facility in which Kyle shoots him in an act of betrayal, killing him for good (after he was sucked into the Pupa NMC in place of Eve at the time).