Pierce is 30-year-old computer specialist who manages data collection and informative updates for MIST in Parasite Eve II. He is lean, tall individual that speaks little and consistly dons shades and a vest.

During his various conversations with the player (i.e. Aya) it is hinted he has feelings for her, but he never fully acts on them. According to the PE HQ, his habit of wearing sunglasses has often lead to accidents while driving. In the canonical ending of the game, he meets up with Aya's friend Kunihiko Maeda and they hit it off well while Maeda himself is studying what he calls a "Superhuman Theory" after hearing about the instances in the game. He also goes to the trouble of giving two tickets to the American Museum of Natural History at the end of the game, to Aya and Eve where they are reunited with Kyle Madigan.