Secret of Evermore
North American Box Art for Secret of Evermore






Alan Weiss
George Sinfield


Daniel Dociu


Jeremy Soule


SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Release Date(s)

NA October 1, 1995
PAL February 22, 1996


Action role-playing game


Single Player

Secret of Evermore is a game released by Squaresoft in 1995,never realesed in japan,for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System featuring a young boy and a dog as its main characters. The game features several cameos by Final Fantasy characters, namely Cecil from Final Fantasy IV as a secret NPC (Non Playble Character); Terra, Locke, Strago, Mog and Umaro, all famous from Final Fantasy VI, standing in the crowd at the coliseum and finally, an item called the "Chocobo's Egg". Art by Daniel Dociu.
Secret of Evermore commercial

Secret of Evermore commercial



The storyline was set on the two main characters, who accidentally get involved with a mad scientist and sent back into time. The style of the game is slightly like Secret of Mana. The goal of the game is to get the boy and the dog back to their own time.



  • Boy - the main character from Podunk, he is accompanied on his adventures by his dog.
  • Dog - fights alongside the boy, the dog changes form depending on which era the boy is in. He can also sniff out special items.
  • Elizabeth - one of the four creators of Evermore, she goes by the name "Fire Eyes" and watches over Prehistoria. She is Sidney Ruffleberg's granddaughter. Her evil twin is responsible for the cooling of Prehistoria's volcano.
  • Blimp - a caveman first found in the Frippo Swamp, later making his home in a cliffside cave near a pirate ship in Antiqua. He specializes in "Mud Peppers," the key ingredient in a specific alchemy formula.
  • Horace Highwater - one of the four creators of Evermore, he can be found in Antiqua. He is the curator of the Podunk Museum of Natural History. His evil twin masquerades as the new leader of the city of Nobilia, itself inspired by Greek and Roman architecture.
  • Camellia Bluegarden - one of the four creators of Evermore, she can be found in Gothica as the queen. She is Podunk's town librarian. Her evil twin is met first, having supplanted Miss Bluegarden as the new queen.
  • Sidney Ruffleberg - the professor from Metroplex/Omnitopia who makes it possible for people to travel to Evermore. He created Evermore with three other people.


  • Magmar - he lives in lava, which heals him if he is injured.
  • Aegis - a huge stone statue of a head with glowing eyes
  • Vigor
  • Mega-Taur
  • Timberdrake - a dragon
  • Salabog
  • Rimsala
  • Aquagoth - an octopus
  • Verminator - possibly the hardest boss in the game, Verminator is a magical cloaked rat.
  • Carltron - created by Ruffleberg, he is an evil robot masquerading as a butler.
  • Thraxx - the boss of Bugmuck swamp, he resembles a gigantic mutated ant.

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