Sephiroth (セフィロス, Sefirosu) is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII, and one of the major villains of its extended universe. A prototype SOLDIER and the strongest alive, Sephiroth is initially feared and respected for his strength, until he learns and misinterprets his origins.


Believing himself as the last of the Ancients, Sephiroth enacts a vendetta against mankind, with the ultimate goal of becoming a god and controlling the planet. Sephiroth's goal later turns to defeating Cloud Strife, who has bested him on numerous occassions.


  • Final Fantasy V - graphical cameo
  • Final Fantasy Tactics - mentioned by name
  • Dissidia -Final Fantasy- - playable antagonist
  • Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy - playable antagonist
  • Kingdom Hearts - optional boss
  • Kingdom Hearts II - optional boss
  • Itadaki Street Special - playable character
  • Itadaki Street Portable - playable character
  • Ehrgeiz - playable character